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Emergency Bankruptcy Petition

What is an emergency bankruptcy petition? Does it apply to you? If you need quick relief from creditors, you might want to consider an emergency…

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depressed man and bankruptcy form

5 Steps to Bankruptcy Planning

If you are considering bankruptcy, planning is essential. The actions you take, weeks and even months before you file, could dramatically impact the outcome of…More…

credit card debt

Credit Card Debt is Your Worst Enemy: 3 Ways to Defeat It

Credit card debt plagues millions of American consumers each year. In fact, the average American household in 2021  has $155,622 in debts. Those with credit…More…


7 Steps to a Successful Bankruptcy

When you find yourself over your head with debt, and you can no longer meet your payment obligations, you might look to bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is…More…

second bankruptcy

How to Avoid Filing a Second Bankruptcy in the Future

No one goes through life expecting to file bankruptcy. However, it happens for some consumers. Whether it is a medical emergency, job loss, or another…More…

10 signs of bankruptcy

Warning Signs that Bankruptcy is on the Horizon for You

No one goes through life expecting to file bankruptcy, but it happens. Sometimes, the warning signs are clear, while other times they are not so…More…

IRS 1040 form

Will My Tax Refund be Affected by My Bankruptcy Case?

It is tax season, which means that you are probably anxiously awaiting your tax refund check. But, if you are in the process of bankruptcy,…More…

car keys on top of money

Can You Lower a Car Payment in Bankruptcy?

You file for bankruptcy because you can no longer manage your debts. Whether it is because you lost your job or took a significant cut…More…

bankruptcy home foreclosure

Will Bankruptcy Save My Home from Foreclosure?

Will bankruptcy save your home from foreclosure? Most homeowners facing bankruptcy are worried about one thing — the family home. Are you significantly behind on…More…

Bankruptcy Law

Insolvency Versus Bankruptcy: What is the Difference?

Insolvency and bankruptcy are often confused. While both apply to a business struggling to pay its obligations, each has different processes and outcomes. What is…More…

Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling

What is Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling?

Most bankruptcy cases require that you have credit counseling, or pre-bankruptcy counseling, in a specified number of days before you can file the bankruptcy protection…More…

Bankruptcy Exemptions

What Are the Bankruptcy Exemptions for Chapter 11 and Chapter 13?

Each form of bankruptcy works in its own way, with Chapters 7, 11, and 13 differing from one another substantially. One of the biggest differences…More…

proof of claim

What is a Proof of Claim in a Bankruptcy Case?

What is a proof of claim in a bankruptcy case? It is a written statement that tells the court, the debtor, and the trustee, along…More…

bankruptcy discharge

What is a Bankruptcy Discharge and When Does It Happen?

What is a Bankruptcy discharge? At the end of your bankruptcy, you receive a discharge. This is a court order that is used for Chapter…More…


Using Bankruptcy to Manage Your Tax Burden: Is It Possible?

Can you use bankruptcy to manage your tax burden? Heavy tax burdens, whether it is past due state taxes or taxes due to the Internal…More…


Will Your Spouse be Affected if You File for Bankruptcy?

Will your spouse be affected if you file for bankruptcy? In most cases, a married couple decides to file for bankruptcy together. However, there are…More…