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Emergency Bankruptcy Petition

What is an emergency bankruptcy petition? Does it apply to you? If you need quick relief from creditors, you might want to consider an emergency…

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What to Expect at Your Chapter 12 Confirmation Hearing

Wondering what to expect at your Chapter 12 confirmation hearing? Chapter 12 bankruptcy is exclusively offered for family farmers and fishers. It allows these individuals…More…

chapter 12 bankruptcy

Tips for Planning Your Chapter 11 Reorganization

Planning Your Chapter 11 Reorganization? Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the ideal solution if you want to keep your assets but get relief from creditors. The…More…

How Are Debt Consolidation Loans Handled during Bankruptcy?

Debt consolidation loans are advertised for those who are in over their heads in debt and want to take multiple payments and combine them into…More…

Tips for a Better, Safer Walking Experience

Want a better, safer walking experience? Whether you live in the city or a quiet suburban neighborhood, walking is a great way to get out,…More…


Financial Mistakes That Lead to Bankruptcy – and How to Avoid Them

Life happens. And while there are some things out of your control (even financially), there are also ways to drive yourself closer to the point…More…

Who Can File for Chapter 12 Bankruptcy?

Who can file for Chapter 12 bankruptcy? Chapter 12 is not your average consumer bankruptcy. Instead, it is reserved for those designated as family farmers…More…

chapter 11 bankruptcy

What Does It Cost to File Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

What does it cost to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy? One common question attorneys receive when a client is considering bankruptcy is how much it will…More…


Debts You Keep Even after Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you plan to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you might be under the false presumption that you will have all your debts erased and…More…


Prevent Filing for Bankruptcy Again by Following These Tips

Filing for bankruptcy the first time can be devastating. You feel as though you have failed yourself financially, and maybe failed your loved ones. It…More…

Bankruptcy Law

10 Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Filing for Bankruptcy

No one goes through life with the intention of filing for bankruptcy. It is easy to make mistakes before and during the process. What are…More…

chapter 7 bankruptcy

The Criteria for Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

What are the criteria for filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Before October 2005, a bankruptcy court judge would decide who qualified for Chapter 7. This…More…

credit report

Tips for Cleaning Up Your Consumer Credit Report

Do you need help cleaning up your consumer credit report? Your consumer credit report can determine everything from getting approved for a home loan, to…More…


Does Bankruptcy Make Sense for Your Financial Situation?

Does bankruptcy make sense for your financial situation? Deciding if you should file for bankruptcy is never easy. The process takes time, costs money, and…More…


Common Bankruptcy Myths Finally Debunked

Do you know the common bankruptcy myths? No one goes through life planning to file bankruptcy. Even those who know they need to file for…More…

divorcing sad woman and man

What Happens to a Jointly Owned Home in Bankruptcy?

The joint-owned property, such as that owned by a married couple, can affect how a bankruptcy is completed. If one spouse is going to file…More…