What are the Most Commonly Broken Bones in an Auto Accident?

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Many adults go through life never experiencing a broken bone. However, their first broken bone tends to occur in a motor vehicle accident. An accident increases the chances of a fracture because of the impact. While almost any bone is at risk for a fracture, there are some more commonly broken in an accident than others.

Car crash fractures are more severe than a regular accident fracture. These are based on extreme force; therefore, the bones are often broken in multiple places and not a clean break.

10 Most Common Broken Bones in an Auto Accident

Ten bones are more likely to break in a car crash than other types of incidents. These ten include:

  1. Arm: Broken arms are standard in an auto accident. Sadly, a broken arm is painful and prevents you from performing day-to-day tasks. You might be unable to eat, take care of your children, or even work for weeks.
  2. Collarbone: The collarbone is a painful bone to break. You cannot use a cast to heal this type of bone, and you will suffer in endless pain for weeks while you wait for the collarbone to heal.
  3. Ankle: Fractured ankles happen from the impact of the vehicle pedals and the impact of the accident. Fractured ankles prevent you from walking, and you might require surgery or physical therapy to recover fully.
  4. Foot: You have 26 bones in the foot, and all are susceptible to fractures during accidents. Your feet are very vulnerable in an automobile accident; therefore, you could be in extreme pain for weeks following the break.
  5. Toe: Broken toes might seem minor, but they are extremely painful. Many do not realize how much they rely on their toes for walking and functioning; therefore, they might be unable to move, work, or do much of anything that requires walking.
  6. Hand: The hand has 27 bones, and each is susceptible during a car accident. Typically, a person will suffer multiple fractures in the hand, and these fractures could leave a person permanently disabled and unable to eat, drink, or work.
  7. Finger: Finger breaks are common, especially from the impact and airbags. However, these breaks are less complicated than a full hand fracture.
  8. Nose: A broken nose is emotionally devastating and painful. The nose could break in multiple areas from the impact of the airbag, requiring cosmetic surgery to correct it or leave the victim with permanent disfigurement.
  9. Leg: A broken leg is typically severe and requires not only surgical treatment but months of physical therapy. Depending on the bone, the victim could suffer from tremendous amounts of pain.
  10. Jaw: A broken jaw is also very common in a motor vehicle accident, and a jaw fracture is painful. A person cannot eat or talk for weeks because their jaw is typically wired shut by a surgeon.

Did You Suffer a Broken Bone in an Accident?

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