Make sure you aren’t your own worst enemy when it comes to your personal injury lawsuit. Trying to handle the claim on your own can lead to mistakes on key legal steps necessary for a claim to be processed. Read on below for a list of common mistakes people make in regards to personal injury claims.

No Expert Opinions. In order to prove negligence sometimes an expert opinion is needed. In some cases their explanation of what exactly went wrong will be the one thing that jurors and judges rely on.

Contributory Negligence/ Assumption of Risk. If you contributed to your own injuries due to negligence, or knew you were engaging in risky behavior but did it anyway, it’s possible your case will lose. For more info on this click here.

Lack of Credibility. Let your lawyer do the talking. Be honest about the injuries sustained as any discrepancy between a police report or any other critical evidence can harm your case. In personal injury claims, your character is always considered an important piece of any case.

No Proof. The proof is in the pudding. If you don’t have any evidence to back up your claim it is going to be extremely difficult to prove your case. Take pictures, file a police report, write down license plate numbers. Whatever it is make some documentation of what happened and if there were any witnesses exchange contact information with them.

No Lawyer. A Lawyer knows the legal system and the steps you need to take to make an effective claim. While you can file a claim without a lawyer, they may help you consider other legal issues or claims that can help your case even further.